Benefits of a Mentorship Program

Posted On:31 Jul 2020

Many people, especially student interns or people just entering the workforce, have questions or can feel overwhelmed when starting a new position or trying to navigate their field.  Companies often attempt to help people by initiating mentorship programs and pairing

How Can You Gain Traction With Your Resume?

Posted On:24 Jul 2020

Recruiters look at your resume with the sole purpose of seeing if it will fill their client’s needs. To do this, they must sift through hundreds of resumes to find their top candidates. So how do recruiters evaluate resumes, and

Workplace Organizational Techniques- 9 Organizational Techniques to Improve Your Work Day.

Posted On:16 Jul 2020

One of the best ways to increase productivity and output is to have an efficient workspace. While you may not be able to change the layout of your company’s office, there are some ways that you can increase the efficiency

What Impresses Recruiters During Interviews?

Posted On:14 Jul 2020

Since the beginning of COVID-19, a lot has changed within the staffing industry and the processes recruiters use. Many people are open to hearing about new opportunities and are actively looking for positions due to the uncertainty related to job

Tips to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted On:29 Jun 2020

LinkedIn is currently home to 675 million users including recruiters, job seekers, college students, and many others looking to expand their professional networks.  Although founded in 2002, LinkedIn has gained popularity in recent years and has become one of the

The Right Time to Send a Follow-Up Email

Posted On:22 Jun 2020

When Should You Follow Up After a Job Interview?  Have you recently had a job interview with a potential employer?  You might be wondering if you should send a follow-up email and how long you should wait to do so. 

How Can Companies Help Alleviate Remote-Work Fatigue?

Posted On:17 Jun 2020

Since COVID-19 forced companies to shift most of their operations online in early March, many employees struggled to maintain the same productivity levels as they did while in an office environment.  Even after several months, the work-from-home saga is continuing,

Tips for Remote Interviewing

Posted On:11 Jun 2020

Due to the recent events of COVID-19, businesses have had to either reduce the number of employees in the office or move entirely to working remotely. Hiring and interviewing heavily rely upon in-person interactions. So, how can companies shift this

Work From Home Tips

Posted On:5 Jun 2020

Most people have been working from home for the past two months (or more!) and a lot has changed since making the transition. Many employers have decided to permanently work from home, while others cannot wait to be back in


Posted On:28 Jan 2020

Job interviews may not go as planned, but that should never deter you from taking the necessary steps to learn from your experience so you can do better next time. Here are three tips to help you recover from a