Tips to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is currently home to 675 million users including recruiters, job seekers, college students, and many others looking to expand their professional networks.  Although founded in 2002, LinkedIn has gained popularity in recent years and has become one of the top professional connection platforms across the world. WadiTek’s team has advised thousands of candidates on how to fine-tune their LinkedIn profiles to help them with their next career move.  Here are some basic tips from our team.


  1. Make sure your profile is up-to-date.  Include all education info (if still in college, state your expected graduation date) and job history.  In addition to job titles and length, explain what you did in each position and what skills you acquired.
  2. Have a bio section at the top of your profile.  Write about yourself and your background, but also explain what you are looking for.  Are you looking for a job, or searching for employees for your company? This lets viewers know if it is beneficial to contact you.
  3. Stay active online! Whether or not you are searching for a job, it is so important to make connections in your field-you never know where an opportunity may arise!
  4. Include a photo on your profile.  It is said that people who share their photos are connected with up to 27X more often than those who don’t.  On that note, make sure the photo is appropriate-do not include other people in your photos or share photos of your pets or children.


If you are in search of a job or looking to hire, contact us by sending us a message on LinkedIn!