Top Industries Where Tech is Expanding

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The past two decades of human history have defined technological evolution.  With the widespread use and implementation of WiFi, apps, smartphones, video call platforms, and more in the workplace and in people’s personal lives, it might seem that there aren’t many areas left for it to touch.  However, technology and tech jobs are ever-growing fields, and even in the COVID-19 era, technology is making its mark on almost every industry. 

Below are the top three industries that our marketing team has on its radar that technology is likely to impact the most in the near future:


  1. Finance: When hints of a recession began in early March, many people began turning to financial and investment planners to assist in the case of an economic downturn.  Many banks closed and services became only available online or on apps, forcing those banks who had no previous desire in creating online banking services to make the shift.  Most of these services are likely to stay remote-for many people it is more efficient and accessible to set up a phone or video appointment, and easier to store financial information in an app rather than scattered throughout various documents.
  2. Transportation:  Public transportation and airlines were some of the hardest-hit industries during the pandemic, both of which are undergoing major makeovers.  Systems such as ride-shares (Uber, Lyft, etc.) as well as buses, metros, and even planes are discovering the power of UV light as a disinfectant and installing sophisticated cabin-air filters to ensure that the air the riders are breathing is not being recycled and therefore, contaminated.  Many aspects of transportation that was previously very hands-on are exploring contact-free methods-airports have installed contact-free ID and boarding pass scanners, and many trains and buses are adding the option to upload fare fees onto one’s phone, rather than manually at the station.
  3. Business/Company Connectivity:  Most people recognize the extreme growth of video call platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, and WebEx, just to name a few, due to the increased need to implement remote work.  However, these platforms aren’t only effective in the home.  Currently, the desire for “smart buildings” is on the rise.  Smart buildings are equipped with high-speed WiFi that can be joined by surrounding buildings, and often include screens and necessary equipment within individual offices as well as smart-appliances.  These all minimize the need the touch and control the same objects within an office space while still allowing the ability for people to work together.


Are you aware of any other major industries that technology is impacting? Let us know in the comments!