Work From Home Tips

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Most people have been working from home for the past two months (or more!) and a lot has changed since making the transition. Many employers have decided to permanently work from home, while others cannot wait to be back in the presence of their coworkers. If you’re someone who has trouble remaining motivated while working from home, here are 5 tips that can help you increase productivity:

1. Write down a schedule and make goals for what you want to accomplish each day. Be sure to take notes during meetings so that you can remember exactly what needs to be done.
2. Create consistent check-ins with your boss and coworkers. This will help you keep on track with your goals, and will also maintain motivation when you talk to other people.
3. Make a designated workspace for yourself, ideally sitting at a desk or a table. This will help you feel as though you are working in a typical office space. Make sure you set up with everything you need that day-pens, notebooks, water, and phone or laptop chargers.
4. Take brief breaks if needed-stand up, stretch, or grab a cup of coffee or tea. These activities won’t take you away long enough to lose focus, and it will help reduce eye strain or fatigue from looking at a screen all day.
5. Try to dress as though you are going to work. No, you don’t have to dress in formalwear, but taking a few extra minutes to plan your outfit or appearance in the morning will help you feel more serious about the work you are doing.