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Job interviews may not go as planned, but that should never deter you from taking the necessary steps to learn from your experience so you can do better next time. Here are three tips to help you recover from a bad job interview and to prepare you for your next one.

1. Point out to what went wrong!
So what did go wrong? Were you nervous? What were your bad answers? There are many possibilities for what may have gone wrong; therefore, it is imperative to pinpoint the problem.
The next step we urge you to take is to practice how you could have performed better at answering the question(s) that you didn’t respond well to.

2. Talk to the recruiter and listen to their input.
Share your thoughts with your recruiter or your point of contact from the company. Recruiters’ can be an excellent resource for tips on how to improve your interviewing skills and how to avoid some pitfalls in future interviews.
Remember, a recruiter may be able to explain the circumstances to the hiring manager and secure you a second interview.

3. Ask yourself, what did I learn from my experience?
Life is all about your experiences and decisions. Reflect back and make sure to write down all the lessons learned from the interview and feedback you may have received. These notes will guide you and provide you with valuable insights for future interviews.
Most importantly, what did you learn from this experience to sell yourself better next time?

4. Do not stop!
Now that you have reflected on your experience and were able to understand what went wrong, it’s time to get back to interviewing.
We know that you have the skills to ace your next interview and avoid all the mistakes you have made in the past.

Are you looking to interview again?