Goal: To increase cybersecurity measures in our client’s business and ensure safety during telecommunications efforts.


Industry: Telecommunications

Overview and Problem:  Our client needed to ensure that their electronic information was protected under top-tier cybersecurity measures. Our consulting team aimed to provide our client with the highest level of defense against ever-evolving hacking techniques and internet-based adversaries.  Our goal was to create a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) cryptology solution that leveraged digital certifications to streamline authentication and authorization of devices at scale.

Process and Solution: Our team created a new Certificate Authority (CA), which worked to create an infrastructure to support issuing, revoking, and managing certificates. We also expanded this process beyond the web UI interface to work with command lines and APIs.

Outcome: Following the upgrades in cybersecurity measures, our client experienced reduced compromises and latency in authentication and authorization for IoT devices.  Month-over-month, there was a two-fold increase in the adoption and usage of the in-house certificates.

Project Details