Systems Implementation

Goal: To implement a new application of IKR to calculate the risk results of cancer patients.


Industry: Healthcare

Overview and Problem: The goal of this project was to install new ways to calculate certain risks to cancer patients and advise different health and nutrition programs to the patients.  Our consultants led the design and implementation of the IKR system.

Process and Solution: WadiTek’s consultants designed and implemented the new system by collaborating with Nurse Practitioners, Developers, and Content Management SMEs who supported our teams during requirements and design sessions.  Our team created the cadences of the project by creating a complete implementation and go-live timeline and plan.

Outcome: Our team successfully implemented the KR system on time and budget.  Our team delivered the system after a full UAT cycle, in addition to providing the client with the project’s artifacts, SOPs, as well as technical and functional training documentations.

Project Details