Our Leadership


Co-Founder and CEO

AJ is a serial entrepreneur and investor specializing in business growth strategies. AJ has launched several successful startups and invested in companies in fintech, consumer technology, AI, and health tech. AJ has also spearheaded innovation and transformation teams for several global companies. When he is not working on new AI projects, AJ loves speaking at entrepreneur conferences, flying airplanes, and exploring new cultures and ideas.


Co-Founder and COO

Ali is known to be the pillar of organizations, specializing in day-to-day internal affairs and workplace mentorship to foster employee growth and success. He holds his MBA, along with significant experience of over 15 years in business management, recruiting, consulting, and building client relationships. In his free time, Ali loves to invest in real estate ventures, smoke succulent beef ribs, and travel the world.

Our Mission

The right people and the right technology can solve any business problem. WadiTek helps clients harness technology to streamline business processes and find the best talent to support innovation and growth.

About WadiTek

WadiTek has built its reputation by never settling for the ordinary. We deliver the extraordinary by applying the latest technologies to staid business practice. Our growth and success stem from our ability to put digital transformation into practice, providing exceptional staffing, project management, and Salesforce consulting services to private organizations and government agencies. Established in 2016, the WadiTek leadership team is comprised of management consulting and staffing executives with decades of combined experience in business strategy, digital product development, recruiting, and staffing. We are thinkers, innovators, and doers with a deep background in enterprise technology, consulting, agencies, and start-ups. WadiTek is committed to providing the superior service our clients need to achieve their goals.
We bring:

The experience and expertise of a seasoned consulting firm.

The creativity and innovation of a digital agency.

The technology that is at the core of our services.