One of the best tools for your company is having a strong brand. It’s great for attracting and retaining talent. Your brand is much more than the products and services you sell, it’s a force that resonates with all past, present, and future clients and employees. As the job market becomes increasingly more competitive, employer branding is critical. Below are 3 ways that your company can build a stronger brand:

  1. Use social media for storytelling. By using different mediums such as photos, videos, blogs/articles, and textual messages, you help attract the kind of talent you’re looking for while being perceived as engaged with the target audience. In addition to having a good story, it is important to have interesting enough information to be shared through word of mouth. You want to be sharing content that is interesting to both your immediate company, as well as professionals in your industry as a whole.
  2. Invest in your brand. Companies who are viewed as having a negative brand are actually spending 10% more on each hire and are working harder in order to retain quality talent, but not working towards a unified brand. To create a company brand, it is necessary to develop visually cohesive social platforms, plan a consistent marketing calendar, and use the same colors and logo among posts.
  3. Recognize the power of your employees. Never overlook new ideas from your employees.  Although consistency is important, you never know when a unique method may cause your business to boom.  Employees are also the most likely to be talking about your company to their personal network, so it is essential that they are describing it in a positive light!

Employer branding truly impacts every aspect of the employer to employee relationships. Although it isn’t easy, always ensure that you never rush through the process. Creating cohesive branding for your company is a marathon, not a sprint, and in the end, it will provide a stronger company culture.

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