Case Study: State Agency – Child Welfare System

Child Welfare: Tracking Cases Using Salesforce

The state needed a new system to capture reports of child abuse and endangerment and track follow-up by law enforcement.

This state’s child welfare agency needed a new web application that would allow employees to intake field reports of child abuse for the Child Welfare System. The entire application could be built in Salesforce, but the system had to be designed from the ground up, including all the backend logic.

Process and Solution:
WadiTek Salesforce developers used Lightning Web Components (LWC), JavaScript, and Salesforce Community Cloud to create the application. Documents are stored in an OnBase content management system, so OnBase needed to be integrated with Salesforce to upload documents, a complex process requiring LCW, Apex, and REST development expertise.

The entire project took less than eight months, and the resulting application allows state employees to input and lookup data but also allows citizens to input data into the Salesforce application directly.

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