Case Study: IT Automation

Goal: Automate existing manual processes to improve operating efficiency.

Several federal agencies were using manual processes for various legacy enterprise solutions. Many of these processes were time-consuming and repetitive, but previous efforts to extend automated processes across portfolios had failed.

Process and Solution:
The WadiTek consulting team was able to automate processes across the portfolios, starting by building prototypes against similar technology stacks. This mitigated any risk of failure; one of the lessons learned from the previous failed attempts at automation. The implementations were specific and highly complex, but the WadiTek team was able to address all the requirements for specific technical implementations.

The team was able to automate all the existing applications successfully. The project included the implementation of regression and functional automation testing, reducing the overall regression testing cycle from over eight hours to two hours. The end result increased transparency in the testing process and mitigated any risk of human error from manual testing.

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