Social media content is ever-changing. One day your posts are doing well and the next day they seem to be getting zero traction. Building a strong social media presence is a daily journey in order to find the correct protocol that fits what you’re trying to achieve!  It is so simple to track social media statistics and analytics by using programs like Social Blade, Google Analytics, and more, but what are some ways to ensure high social media engagement with each post? 

Here are some of the top tips for boosting engagement via your social media content:

  1. Respond to all comments: You can’t expect your followers to be engaged with your content if you aren’t social. When your followers reach out, they’re opening up the opportunity for you to speak with them! It allows you to show support towards positive messages and provide an outlet for constructive criticism. 
  2. Use images in every post: Images make it easier for your followers to remember the information that was in your post. Visual memory allows us to pull memories easily when they are tied to an image. They capture viewers’ attention while scrolling through their newsfeed in comparison to plain text. 
  3. Optimize your headlines: Along with eye-catching images, compelling headlines help drive followers to your social media. Using a variety of different headlines helps keep your feed looking new and prevents your viewers from unfollowing from seeing the same thing. 
  4. Post multiple times a day: Two to three posts daily is the target number that most accounts should strive to reach. Over-saturating your feed can sabotage your chances of high engagement resulting in content fatigue from your followers, and causing them to unfollow your accounts. While posting multiple times a day it is also important to keep in mind the best times to post. Typically between 1-3pm is the best time to post on most platforms, although specific days and times can vary depending on the channel. 
  5. Connect and Participate: Connecting to other sites can be extremely beneficial for all users on social media. By doing this you’ll be able to acquire more links to your website and social media through other parties while simultaneously boosting your brand and connecting with different industry leaders.

What ways do you engage with your followers? Let us know!