Case Study: Federal Agency – Health 

Patient Records: Creating a Scalable, Secure Records Database

Create a scalable V-safe registration and records retrieval system capable of handling millions of patient records using Salesforce. 

Our client needed a scalable V-safe solution to store patient records, including APIs to query the database, set new appointments, and load new clinics and data into Salesforce. The system APIs had to be reusable across multiple jurisdictions and adaptable to support all the steps in patient registration and record-keeping. The system also had to be able to send custom surveys to patients after they received treatment.

Process and Solution:
WadiTek built a new Salesforce Experience Builder site to create patient registration protocols and patient surveys. Our Salesforce development team worked closely with AWS to design the system since AWS was responsible for managing the surveys. Once completed, healthcare administrators could send out customized surveys and collect data on vaccine after-effects. Patients could also update vaccine records and personal information and add dependents. Reusable APIs were developed to allow users to query vaccine history, set vaccination appointments, load new data from clinics, and perform other tasks using Salesforce. 

The project resulted in a central data repository for vaccine records that is extensible to multiple jurisdictions and scalable to handle millions of users. In addition to the reusable APIs, the new V-safe system included 30 event-driven applications to support vaccine administration, all through a centralized Salesforce infrastructure.

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